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Lost :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 1 0 Grindelwald II, lineart :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 0 1
Mature content
Friendship is overrated :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 0 1
Ariana Dumbledore :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 0 1 have some BLUE :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 0 1 Grindelwald :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 19 8 Young Albus Dumbledore :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 4 2
Midnight Beach Trip
Tumbling around at night in the now of things, the only ones in this sleepy sea town who are awake.  We're city kids, and we brought our anonymous city-insomnia to your quaint little community, where the graveyards are small and personal.  
This is no tropical beach, the fog hangs damp in the air and cold coniferous forests cluster in, reminding you of how far you are from everything.  Why do we laugh?  Maybe because it's funny, or maybe because we just want it to be funny so badly.  
Burning driftwood on the wind-tossed shore.  Tossing pictures and memories on the blaze.  Here's one of you ex-boyfriend, a syllabus from that science course last year that I hated.  Toss on my nose, while we're at it, 'cause I've always hated that.  Toss on my too-thick thighs.  
How long till these memories burn, too?  Friends come and go.  Someday I'll be standing here, alone, watchin
:iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 0 1
After the kill :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 0 1 Phoenix :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 1 3
For years, I've tried to own all that I am.
Yet since I met you-
            all I  can  t h i n k about
                                         is    h  ow  
                                to g
:iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 2 3
Nothing left of you
I kissed your cheek and held your hand
It seems like yesterday
Now I'm dressed in black
Laying flowers on our grave
Because you're just a bit of ash
My sorrow is your legacy
We released you to the wind
There's nothing left of you but me
You took so much of me with you
And you've gone to the grave
All you were is haunting me
I wouldn't have it any other way
I dream of you each night
And think of you each day
You're with me more then you ever were
If I can't live with it, I'll die this way
You're flowing though my veins
You're beating in my heart
I have no need of happiness
We'd just be further apart
There's nothing left of you, but me.
:iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 0 2
Who are you?
Stop.  Just stop.  
The last thing I want is another halting conversation; stumbling small-talk about the weather, and how you're trading your life for money these days.  
Tell me about your first heartbreak; or you first love.  Tell me what you think God is – or isn't.  
Because we're very different, but even more the same.  Give me a taste of your tears, and your laughter, show me the perfection in your flaws.  Tell me what you think of me, under my facade.  
The last thing you need is another wavering chat about TV or how your weekend was.  I'd like to see a test sample of your life; I'd like nothing more than the fingerprint of your immortal soul.
:iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 1 1
Please? :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 1 1 NOM :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 3 0 Black kitten :iconnocluekid90:NoClueKid90 2 0


Medieval town - Sarlat 01 :iconhermitcrabstock:HermitCrabStock 133 21 Ouroboros :iconrayneralencar:RaynerAlencar 697 122 Envy the Verb :iconskydark:skydark 525 112 Secret. 10908 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 348 168
The Storyteller.
Words burst from my fingertips like
Licks of fire, burning paper
Where they etch and score their
Meanings with absolute passion.
The faint, illusory scent of make-believe
Smoke surrounds me like a shroud:
An ensorcelled cloak, its hem stitched with a
Magical thread that imbues me with the
Power of words, its fabric dyed
Dark, shimmering with shades of ambition.
I breathe.
Creatures of all forms and ages begin to
Flit across my page with alarming clarity.
Voices - strident and shy, tenacious and meek -
All attempt to make their stories heard:
There are adventures to be spun in
Stimulating hues of royal blue and jade;
Romances to be told in the
Swelling notes of a sweet serenade;
Downfalls to be declared by the knell of
Death as he leads a doleful black parade.
I live.
Day after day, my Muse leads me from
Forest to meadow to coast to city, opening
Portals through which I can glimpse
Alternate realities and different lands altogether,
That I may understand the
Wonders of wor
:iconfineliners:Fineliners 74 85
Twilight-Uncensored Ch.3Review
Review of Chapter Three
From Twilight
By Stephenie Meyer
And so with a handful of Wonka Runts, I have returned once more to read an overrated book and give you five minutes of half baked amusement.
Last chapter left off with Bella in her truck, her panties in a twist as she got to learn what it felt like to have someone staring at her intensely. Her conversation with Mr. Sexy Face revealed that Bella is a self sacrificing saint, out to make her mom happy at her own expense. [You know, on top of being an honor's student, reading every book ever printed, and being the wife her dad needed.]
Chapter three picks up the next morning, Bella noting the snow and how much she wants to see Edward. That's normal, I suppose. When I was a young teenage girl in high school I was all over the handsome boys that….
Wait a minute.
I have to get my pink skirt and lace top on so I can slip myself into the story here. I have the legs for this. I really do. Just don't lift the skirt and we
:iconassclownfish:AssClownFish 707 271
Sun Pole :iconarabianpharoe:arabianpharoe 52 43 Toboe .: speechless :. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 938 51 Sherlocks :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 6,564 574 fable - Bigby wolf :icondigitalrich:digitalrich 147 57 Grima and Eowyn LOTR :iconsally-avernier:Sally-Avernier 1,356 208
I Am A Writer
I am a deadly murderer
I am a crazy psychopath
I am a gentle ruler
I am a war-driven tyrant
I am a secretive assassin
I am a jealous lover
I am a tortured soul
I am a ruthless god
I am manipulative
I am all-mighty
I am powerful
I am omnipotent
I am murderous
I am loving
I make sweet dreams
I make terrifying nightmares
I make tender moments
I make anguished deaths
I am the one
I am their god
I am a writer.
:iconlynx-g:Lynx-G 609 286
Mature content
You Didn't Ask, But I Tell :iconsillysnowfox:SillySnowFox 12 11
Supreme Potter Nerdness :iconkivae:Kivae 6,483 1,623 Gellert Grindelwald :iconachen089:Achen089 574 111



United States
LOL Gay person is gay!

...yes, and?

Seriously, I don't mind offensive gay jokes, (or any other kind of offensive jokes for that matter) but can't they at least be funny?
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